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People, Team and Organization Development 

อบรม Leading Change

A structured strategic process for leadership teams creating together the next phase of the organization’s strategy and focus. This is a fast and deep process based on two days structured strategic workshop. A High impact process creating commitment, engagement and renewed motivation.

Outstanding business results with a globally proven track record and clear deliverables for the next phase of the organization.

Coaching Essentials

Coaching others can be one of the most rewarding experiences a leader can have in his or her career. Our coaching skills development programme is ICF approved coach specific training hours (ACSTH and CCE). We provide proven models, practical skills development and simple coaching tools you can use for yourself and for the growth of others. 


We offers you from basic to advanced management development programs to help you develop and refine the skills you need to manage people, performance and productivity. Explore our core management skills that will give you the advantage in today's business environment and sustainable success.


Our unique and award-winning communication development program "THINK ON YOUR FEET®"  helps you be confident and effective in any situations. Benefits are; decreased cost, improved productivity, avoided costs of ambiguity and increased customers & employees engagement.


Our leadership development programs complete your leadership skills, image and professionalism. With our best practices in leadership development and continuous successes, we are selected to be Affiliate of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith in Thailand. He is the world famous leadership Coach, and the author of the award-winning book “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There".

We have successful track record and experience in helping leading organizations win hearts and minds of customers. We help you convert disruptive questions into proactive future customer strategies. With a wide range of platforms, we provide you with customized solutions that best fits your needs. 

อบรม DISC
อบรม Design Thinking
อบรม Team Coaching
อบรม Productivity
Assessment Tools
Public Workshop AcComm Group

AcComm & Image International provides learning & development solution to organizations in Thailand and other countries in Asia. We partner with training and development program providers around the world that are creating the most innovative and effective programs utilizing the latest and the most practical performance models.

We only deliver training and development programs that have been proven to improve results.

We use experiential learning methodologies; learner-focused, hands-on involvement, self-reflection, feedback, skills practice, microlearning and action planning to increase interest in learning, better long-term retention, and easier transfer of learning to the workplace. Our team has strong track record of success and cross-cultural expertise & experience.

AcComm and Image International

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188/49, Habitown, Wacharapon Road, Bangkok 10220 

Tel. (66) 2197 4588-9, (66) 89 924 5985 
Fax. (66) 2197 4590

Email: info@aclc-asia.com   


(Our previous website is www.spg-asia.com)

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