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อบรม Think on Your Feet

Think on Your Feet®

 Global Leaders in Business Communications Training

Think on Your Feet® 
 by AcComm Group

Over 95% of communication is informal and impromptu. Think on Your Feet® is the only workshop that addresses these situations; structure ideas, get to the point and be remembered.

Think on Your Feet® benefits professionals at all levels, transforming business communications. This workshop has successfully helped: 


  • Navigate high-stakes situations

  • Gain trust and respect

  • Save time


  • Develop top talent

  • Set clear objectives

  • Boost productivity

Technical Teams

  • Summarize complex information

  • Communicate with non-specialists

  • Speak with confidence

Sales/Customer Service Teams

  • Manage objections

  • Negotiate better

  • Close deals faster

This two-day customizable workshop will develop you to:

  • Use the best communication strategy for any situations

  • Structure a topic into bite-sized chunks for easy retention

  • Present ideas clearly, concisely and memorably

  • Communicate and influence with impact in any situations  

© Copyright - Think on Your Feet® is the registered trademark and an intellectual property of Think on Your Feet International, Inc.. It is owned and copyrighted by Think on Your Feet International. Inc., and AcComm & Image International Co;, Ltd. is the only authorized and legally qualified company who is able to deliver Think on Your Feet® in Thailand (Exclusive Right in Thailand). 

Benefits:  Decreased cost, improved productivity, avoided costs of ambiguity.  Increased revenue, more persuasive people, business advantages, customers and employees engagement.


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