Leading in Times of Change 

Constant change is the new normal. The fast rate of change in the world today is affecting organizations and redefining today's business environment. Many well managed companies are disrupted by shifting technologies. Others are challenged by new business models based on collaborative consumption. The high degree of customer loyalty is a thing of the distant past. 

Learning to navigate change successfully and engage others to participate in it has become a crucial capability of leaders and managers.

We provide the skills and tools for leaders to navigate in time of change successfully. Our tools has been engaged with leading individuals, teams and organizations.


As pioneers in this field, we coined the concept of navigation. We devised strategies and solutions to navigate organizations through rapid change. We answer organizational needs to develop the leader capabilities and processes for times of rapid change, volatility, complexity and ambiguity. 

What people say after the program:

  • Fast and deep process

  • High impact and result-oriented  process

  • Highly engaging process that generates commitment & alignment 

  • Stretching from high-end strategy  to daily “action items”

  • Structured and methodological 

  • Deals with In- bound and out bound organizational core issues

  • The result is owned by the whole team and creates high level of accountability

  • Creates a common language in the organization for improved communication

  • Outstanding business results​

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In collaboration with our partner, Organization Navigation System based in Switzerland, we offer two suits of solutions to organizations in need of navigating change and transformation; OD Solutions and Leadership Development Solutions.


Organizational Navigation™

Fast. Deep. Strategic.

A structured strategic process for C-suite leadership teams creating together the next phase of the organization’s strategy and focus.

Provides senior leadership teams an in-depth analysis and reading of the current map. Fast and deep process in-bound and out bound, The organization’s compass is created together, therefore inspiring a high level



Team Navigation™

Driving change together

Team Navigation is designed to support teams, whether they are structural, professional, or virtual in navigating their way in such circumstances and realign them within and without.

Following the workshop and through a follow up process, the organization gets teams that are:

  • Better aligned

  • Better engaged

  • With higher level of buy- in

  • Function much better as a team.


The team leaves the workshop with an internalization and adoption of the organization’s overall strategy, a clear action- plan to harness the team to support the strategy. And a beginning of breaking through their limiting beliefs to ensure the best possible results.


Leadership Development, please click for more detail)

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