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An Excellent Tip for Selling Skills

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

To be successful in sales in the digital era, we always want to build partnership with customers. However, a successful partnership does not just happen. It starts with understanding the four types of relationship and take proactive approaches to build and sustain the partnership with the people you want to.

To successfully build a partnership with customers, you need to evaluate your current relationship with them. According to David Lambert, our global partner who is expert is sales, there are four types of relationship; Social, Ad Hoc, Technical and Partnership.

It is not much about how you feel what types of relationship you have bonded with the customers. It is more about how the customers are seeing you.

Do they feel that the current relationship is social, or ad hoc, or technical or a partnership? From there, you can take the proper approach to moving toward a successful partnership. Here are some tips.

Social relationship: If they only meet you because of a social relationship, the disadvantages are little or no business buy-in and the customer controls the relationship. This kind of relationship can be fun, but where work is concerned there is an expectation of discounts.

What you need to do is move the meeting venue to a more formal location, or send the customer relevant business commentary on their interests.

Ad hoc relationship: This could turn into a nice surprise. The disadvantages are that it is reactive and urgent and you cannot plan your resources well.

You could try to arrange meetings to discuss issues outside the project’s scope and ask how you can improve your level of service the next time to serve them well in the long run.

Technical relationship: Customers value your expertise, but they normally don’t forgive your mistakes. It is also easy for your competitor to displace you.

You could try to become less aloof and more accessible, hold some less formal meetings and invite them to social events that your company organizes.

Partnership relationship. This is the type of relationship that any salespeople would want to have with the customers. It is recognized as a stress-free relationship and customers fully trust you and your comments.

This type of relationship makes selling process more rewarding and fun.

Most importantly, adjusting your communications to fit the customer’s style is necessary. Learning their language and matching your interests to theirs and their ambitions will take you to extra miles in winning your competitors.

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©Copyright - All rights reserved.

About the author; Atchara (Cara) Juicharern is a winner of Woman Leadership Award and an accomplished leadership and executive coach who has been also developing executives and leaders in the organizations to be successful in coaching. She has trained thousands of executives and leaders from all types of business industries.

With her passion to support leaders and organizations to be successful in creating coaching and mentoring cultures, she also conducts significant coaching studies. She is frequently invited to speak about the coaching trends and the future of coaching in various leadership and HR forums.

Her best-selling book "Leader as Coach" is the first Thai language book that brings practical and simplified coaching methods and conversation to leaders and has received a foreword by the world number 1 Coaching Guru and Thought Leader - Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

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