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อบรม Selling Skills
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Smarter Selling

Success in sale is all about creating customer value from every interaction or meeting.  Successful salespeople know how to do this. 


Smarter Selling offers many useful and practical ideas to help salespeople improve their value-creating capabilities. 


This program equips sales teams to increase trust, drive loyalty and generate higher revenue, improved profitability and increased sales team job satisfaction.

Program topic and practices include:


Relationships and trust

  • How to measure and increase relationship strength

  • How to measure and increase trust


Customer analysis and planning

  • How to evaluate the drivers of buyer behaviour

  • How to identify sources of value for buyers


Bias and Listening

  • How to understand and mitigate bias

  • How to listen better and learn more


Behavior breeds behavior

  • How to measure your behavioral preferences and their impact

  • How to flex your behavior to achieve better outcomes

Gaining entry and customer participation

  • How to get meetings with busy people

  • How to generate interest and engagement

Insight and value

  • How to manage conversations

  • How to uncover opportunities and create insights 

Collaboration and commitment

  • How to position ideas for acceptance and commitment

  • How to continue the dialogue

Higher level discussions

  • How to remove blocks to thinking

  • How to see further and broader – to be more strategic

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AcComm is Thailand official affiliate of Engage Universe - the global sales skills and relationship building training provider. The program was developed by Keith Dugdale and David Lambert (Financial Times, 2007, 2011).  

The complete program comprises online sales behavioral assessment, online listening assessment, microlearning, sales toolkit and professional coursebook.

Duration: 1 or 2 days


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