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A Study: Creating a Coaching Culture; what is meaningful for leaders?

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

by Atchara Juicharern, Ph.D. (Cara)

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In times of rapid change, I believe that coaching is a purposeful practice that serves well and can increase people and teams' agility and adaptability.

For organizations to thrive and move forward, simply speaking about high & low adaptability is not sufficient.

It is today's imperative for leaders to engage their teams to achieve organizational goals and resilience in times of chaotic movement and change. Teams that are not adaptable and aligned find it challenging to produce sustainable results.

Effective coaching is needed for leaders and teams to mutually agree and align team strategy, vision, and values.

The purposeful coaching practices can also surface the obstacles and challenges that could impede achieving vision and goals. It can also help teams identify and define the organizations' core values for success.

A purposeful coaching culture can substantially improve engagement and performance during periods of change and disruption.

The Study:

As a trailblazer in creating a coaching culture, Atchara and AcComm Group conducted a study a few years ago to explain and magnify what and how organizations can support leaders and managers to apply coaching with their team members and fulfill their teams' coaching purposes more effectively and productively.

Three hundred leaders from 50 organizations from the 20 different industries joined as respondents of this study (Airlines, Banking, Chemical Industries, Insurance, Electronics, Automobiles, Food and Beverages, Telecommunication, Real Assets, Healthcare, etc.).

These leaders (respondents) have been trained on coaching's meaning, impacts, and coaching skills.


Some of the Great Opportunities:

  • 80% of leaders (respondents) agree that people in their organizations share the same belief that "Coaching Culture is important to the short and long-term success of their organizations".

  • 76% of leaders (respondents) agree that their organizations are supporting them in applying the proper coaching process that leads to creating a coaching culture.

  • 53% of leaders (respondents) agree that their organizations invest in developing coaching skills for leaders and managers.

Some of the Challenges are:

  • Only 35% agree that their organizations assigned a specific person or department to continue creating a coaching culture.

  • Only 32% agree that there is regularly enough corporate communication about coaching.

  • Only 28% agree that their managers support them in continuing their coaching practices; for instance, managers are role models in coaching, and respondents received formal or informal recognitions for successfully coaching someone.

Coaching Skills Training:

  • 64% have received 1-3 day coaching skills training

  • 28% have received up to 6 days of coaching skills training

High Impact Factors to Effective Coaching-Skills Training

  • The #1 highest impact factor: the instructors

  • The #2 highest impact factor: the learners' commitments

What support do I need from my organizations to continue my coaching practice?

  • #1: A clarity of my manager's direction and a clear purpose of my organization

  • #2: Refresher course or support system for continuous learning after the training

We hope these findings could help organizations invest in what is meaningful to leaders and managers who are your true drivers of creating a coaching culture. This study explains that; leaders are likely to continue their coaching if the practices align with their organizations' purposes.

We are deeply grateful to all leaders and organizations who participated in this study.

Your support encourages AcComm Group and me to continue providing the most meaningful coaching approaches to you.

Most importantly, it will help us all save hundreds of miles in our effort to expand the coaching opportunities to everyone in your organizations, especially those who need it.

To download the report: click

About the author:

Atchara Juicharern (Cara) is a winner of The Woman Leadership Award and an accomplished leadership and executive coach who has been developing executives and leaders in the organizations to be successful in leadership and coaching.

With her passion to support leaders and organizations in creating coaching and mentoring cultures, she often conducts and supports significant coaching studies.

She is frequently invited to speak about the coaching trends and the future of coaching in various leadership and HR forums.

Her best-selling book "Leader as Coach" is the first Thai language book that brings practical and simplified coaching methods and conversation to leaders and has received a foreword by the world number 1 Coaching Guru and Thought Leader -

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

Contact us: +662 197 4588-9



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