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ICF Level 2 Program

ICF Accredited Coaching Education Level 2

Interactive. Informative. Transformative
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The Art and Science of Coaching:
Enablers of Effective Change
ICF Level 2 Program

As the world is constantly evolving, change is inevitable. Organizations need to adapt to ever-changing dynamics.  Organizations are made up of individuals with different behavioral styles, emotions, and responses to change. Today’s diversity makes change management more complex and time-consuming. 

Program Vision

Empowering individuals and organizations to enhance your effectiveness and sustainable success by unleashing people potentials and expressing their authentic motivation and greatness.


The Art and Science of Coaching Certificate Program is for individuals interested in entering the field of coaching and managers and leaders in organizations seeking to become better in effective coaching. The program also guides leaders and managers how to apply coaching to support your change and transformation initiatives and effectiveness.


This 125 hour coaching education will offer intensive learning, practices, and feedback in coach core competencies based on 8 ICF’s professional core coaching competencies. 

The program is for:
  • Organizations who are creating coaching culture

  • Organizations who want to support your people to embrace change, learning and personal & professional growth

  • CEO, C-suite and Executives

  • Leaders, Manager, Supervisors and People Managers at all levels

  • HR as Coach

  • Executives in Organization Development and Learning & Development who seek to apply coaching with leading change and transformation

  • Internal Coach and Corporate Leaders

Program Structure

The program consists of 125 hours of interactive & transformative learning and a weekly practicum that will lead to a certificate of completion.  

  • Student Contact Hours: 86 Hours  (Synchronized)

  • Weekly Practicum: total 39 Hours of self-study and peer practices   (Asynchronized)

  • 10 Mentoring Sessions spacing out through the program (7 Hours of Group Mentoring with a maximum of 10 per group + 3 Hours of Individual Mentoring)

The program is currently offered to organizations or as in-house program only. A minimum of 5 participants and maximum of 18 participants are recommended for effective class.

The program is not yet open for public registration. This is due to the nature of the course that gives focus on coaching within organizations. 
Program Language
The program can be delivered iin Thai and English. 

Our Coaching Programs have won three awards: 

  • Best Coaching Program

  • Best Performance Coaching Program

  • Best Transformational Coaching Program 

From Asia's Coaching & Leadership & Excellence Awards

organized in Singapore by WORLD HRD CONGRESS

CMO Asia and CHRO Asia.

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