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Start driving and growing with the next big opportunity

A structured process that helps teams break free of counterproductive tendencies that impede innovation. Our design thinking tools enable your team to exercise critical thinking, solving complex problem and unleash creativity. 

Experience the beauty of design thinking mindset, structure, collaboration and discovery.

Across all industries, it has become crucial to identify future market opportunities and enable the people in the organizations to work with agility and creatively.  The old planning and paradigm are not sufficient to respond to the changes in the environment. Successful companies have created business ecosystems in which they closely integrate customers, suppliers, developers etc.. 

Our workshop will help you transit to a new management paradigm and professionalize your design thinking skills. 


Part 1: Understanding Design Thinking 

            - Process awareness

            - Problem statement

            - Discovering users' needs

            - Empathy is the key

            - Generating ideas

            - Structuring and selecting ideas

            - Creating a good prototype

            - Testing efficiently

Part 2: How to Transform the Organizations

            - Preparing organization for a new mindset

           -  Creative environment and space

            - Interdisciplinary team

            - Visualizing ideas and story

            - Facilitator's role

            - Key capabilities

Part 3: Designing the Future 

           - System thinking

           - Ecosystem design

          -  Expanding to service design thinking

Design Thinking by AcComm Group

อบรม Design Thinking

ผู้เข้าอบรมจะได้เรียนรู้ขั้นตอน ทักษะการคิดเชิงออกแบบ 


(Best Practices)


 พร้อม Tool Cards เพื่อการทบทวนและพัฒนาอย่างต่อเนื่อง


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