Delegating Effectively

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Effective Delegation and Managing Accountability

Effective delegation is not simply about handing over a task. It is also about understanding the competence and commitment of the team member you want to delegate to.


Effective leaders  and managers use delegation and empowerment effectively to balance workloads and provide team members'  development opportunities.  Effective delegation can also create a positive, motivating environment.

This workshop will explore many of the facets of delegation: when to delegate, and who to delegate to. We will practice and apply the delegation process step by step and learn where the pitfalls lie, and what we can do about improving them in the real world.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • clearly identify the characteristics of effective delegation

  • identify different ways of delegating tasks and decision

  • apply effective process for effective delegation

  • communicate effectively for better delegation results

  • ask engaging questions and listen more effectively

  • recognize common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them

  • give effective and motivating feedback

  • monitor progress and manage accountability as a team

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