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อบรม Leadership

Enabler of  “Learning at the Speed of Business”

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1. Self Navigation™ - Leading Self

A life changing self-leadership workshop. Provides higher and deeper level of development for leaders. Equips leaders with key tools to motivate, direct and lead themselves through times of change. Synchronizes individual motivations with those of the organization, allowing better retention. Creates a forward movement driven by ownership and accountability.



  • Increase "Agile Leaders" in your organizations   

  • Increase effective leadership in your organizations 

  • Encourage self leadership, accountability and work engagement 

  • Develop high potentials to drive their career in the organization and lead to high level of retention

  • Develop talents and millennials to reach their potentials


2. Leading & Coaching People for Change

    Manager as a Coach™

This program (MAC) equips leaders with skills to unleash the talent and greatness of their people. Provides a structure to hold high impact coaching conversations where development is required. Offers cutting edge coaching techniques to re-engage and re-connect your people.


  • Foster a coaching culture in the organization

  • Acquire practical tools to conduct impactful coaching conversation

  • Provide the capabilities to lead, motivate and develop team members in alignment with organization's objectives

The program has been very successful in Thailand and other countries because it:

  • is highly practical and can be implemented “tomorrow morning”.

  • goes beyond coaching skills and provides system and tools. 

  • is deeply connected to the organizational reality of the participants.

  • is realistic implementation of impactful short conversations as a   managerial tools, transformative coaching tools and agile coaching tools immediately after the workshop


3. Leading / Navigating/Coaching Teams

    Leader &Manager as a Team Navigator™

MAT program develops leaders to be able to lead teams in unison and alignment through changes.  The program provides the mind set and skills for effective leadership, needed now with millennial.  Most importantly, the program equips managers with value based processes to drive their team to inspired actions.



  • Fast cascading in times of change

  • Allow a fast shift of teams to new changing strategies and structures

  • The capacity to lead such processes stays for long term through future changes that are imminently coming

The program has been very successful because:

  • Leaders at all levels develop an agile leadership mindset.

  • Develop specific team conversation skills for Agile Leaders

  • Leaders & Managers achieve optimal results together with their teams.  

  • Leaders & Managers are able to ensure "buy in" from the whole team to mutually agreed codes and values.

  • Leaders & Managers acquire leadership tools to develop focused high-performance, agile and collaborative teams.

  • The only practical program enabling leaders & managers to lead discussions and have better influence in various organizational situations. 

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