Coaching Essentials and Principles

Certificate Program (ACSTH 60 Hours)

ICF Approved Coach

Specific Training Hours Program

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Coaching Essentials and Principles Certificate Program

The program is ICF Approved Coach Specific Training - 60 hours. The program develops core coaching competencies, and path to creating coaching culture.

Program Vision

Empowering individuals and organizations to enhance your
effectiveness and sustainable success by unleashing
people potentials and expressing their authentic motivation
and greatness.

Coaching Essentials and Principles certificate program is for individuals interested in entering the field of coaching, as well as managers and leader in the organizations seeking to become better in effective coaching.

This 60 hours coaching education will offer intensive learning, practices and feedback in coach core competencies based on ICF’s professional core coaching competencies. 

Learning Goals

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Able to explain distinctions of “coaching” and other disciplines

  • Able to identify the ICF Core Coaching Competencies

  • Able to understand and explain ICF Core Coaching Competencies

  • Able to demonstrate these Core Coaching Competencies through coaching practices

  • Able to participate in giving and receiving feedback after coaching practices according to these competencies


Course Descriptions

Part 1:   

This part includes welcome and introduction to the program.  This part also includes objectives of the program and establishment of our agreement. This part familiarize participants with the art and science of coaching.


Part 2:  

Contain Modules 1- 12: which are in order of the ICF Core Coaching Competencies – with descriptions of behavior statements or performance criteria. There are also articles, knowledge and skills that support each competency, exercises, discussion guidelines and self- reflections.

Part 3:  

Contain Module 13: is the review of coaching definition, ICF core coaching competencies. The section emphasizes and strengthens coaching core competencies when coaching employees in the organization.


Part 4:

Contain Module 14: this module provides guidelines to small group practices for the participants who choose option 1, after having completed modules 1- 13. 

The program is for:

-  Internal Coach

-  Organizations who are creating coaching culture

-  Leaders, Manager, Supervisors and People Managers at all levels

-  HR as Coach

-  CEO, C-suite and Executives

Program Structure

The program consists of 60 hours of blended learning; student contact hours and weekly practicum that will lead to a certificate of completion. The program offers two options:

Option 1:

• Student Contact Hours: 48 hours or 6 days (face-to-face)

• Weekly Practicum: 30 minutes practice with peer 

• Online self study: reading materials: 2 Hours

• Group classes practices & feedback: 2 hours each week/ 5 times 

Option 2:

• Student Contact Hours: 48 hours or 6 days (face-to-face)

• Weekly Practicum: 30 minutes practice with peer  

• Self study: reading materials: 4 Hours

• Group classes practices & feedback: 2 hours each week/ 4 times 

* The program can be customized to 42 hours or more.

List of Instructors

Conducted by:


  • Atchara Juicharern, Ph.D. - PCC 

  • Jiamjit Jivassitkul (ACC)

  • Jirawan Kanchananat (ACC)

Languages that are used:
  • Thai or English

Requirements to enter the program
  • At least 3 years work experience in public, state-owned or private organizations

  • Demonstrate passion in helping others grow and unleash people’s potentials

Dates/Location/Tuiton Fee
  • As the progam focused on coaching within organizations, it is not offered as public program yet. 

  • To reserve the dates for In-house program, please contact us.

  • The program tuition fee and payment policy will be tailored based on number and level of participants. 

Our Coaching Programs have won three awards: 

  • Best Coaching Program

  • Best Performance Coaching Program

  • Best Transformational Coaching Program 

From Asia's Coaching & Leadership & Excellence Awards

organized in Singapore by WORLD HRD CONGRESS

CMO Asia and CHRO Asia.