Creating Team Synergy 

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Creating Team Synergy

“Creating Team Synergy” is an organizational learning experience that  has help teams and organizations improve their working relationship and the quality and quantity of the work they produced.

During the program, participants will have the opportunity to discuss the operation of their team with their team members, surface and respond to specific issues that may be hindering the synergistic performance of their team. 


The program is designed to give participants insights into how their behaviors determine the outcomes and how they can change their behaviors to be more productive.  


At the conclusion of the program, participants will find this experience netted two results: improved productivity and greater work satiscation and engagement. 


  • Deepen understanding of one another

  • Gently surface behaviors that are counterproductive to synergy

  • Capitalize on team’s style to improve productivity and greater work satisfaction.

  • Practice collaborative communication within teams and  in cross-functional teams

  • Recognize and reduce blockage to innovation and maximum synergy

  • Practice feedforward toward the completion of the activity to sustain the synergistic behavior thereafter

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