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To thrive in a changing environment proactively, we need a new type of leader who demonstrates open-mindedness, is able to facilitate team agility, foster team members’ continuous learning and learns to become a coach.


In other words, leaders need to do more of communication and coaching rather than commanding and controlling. Several studies related to transformation highlight the importance of leaders who lead and coach. Besides, in a time of unprecedented change, leaders and managers simply don’t have all the answers.


Today, leaders’ and managers’ coaching skills have become increasingly crucial for engaging their teams in continuous development, getting market insights quickly, and aligning strategic priorities.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. identify and explain the key behaviors of the new 8 ICF Core Competencies

  2. apply these core coaching competencies in coaching subordinates or team members

  3. develop and maintains a mindset that is open, curious and flexible and coachee-centered

  4. demonstrates respect for the coachee’s identity, perceptions, style and language and adapts one’s coaching to the coachee

  5. tailor your coaching approaches to different needs and learning styles of the coachee


30 ICF Approved CCE Hours
24 Core Competencies
6   Resource Development

Benefits to leaders and managers:

  • Increase self-awareness and confidence as an agile leader

  • Be able to energize and engage their team members to achieve greater performance and success

  • Transform their leadership style and develop the habits of leader/manager as coach

  • Coach their teams to thrive effectively in the uncertain environment

  • Become a positive supporter and champion of creating coaching culture


Benefits to employees

  • Increase self-awareness and situational awareness in the changing environment

  • Develop resilience, growth-mindset and life-long learning attitude

  • Become a positive supporter and engaging members or learning culture


Benefits to organizations

  • Increase agile leaders in your organization

  • Timely reskilling and upskilling to achieve strategic alignment

  • Smart integration of coaching conversation in people management processes

  • Save time and budget in driving a coaching and learning culture


Day 1: Self-awareness


Day 2: Self-awareness and agile leadership


Day 3: Supporting coachee's self awareness and self discovery


Day 4-6: (3 Hours Each): Coaching Conversation in the organizational context: performance conversation, career planning, coping with uncertainty and resilience

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