Leadership in the next normal

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Leadership in the Next Normal


Today, following the global health crisis the business environment is much more challenging. Virtual work settings present a growing challenge for rapid solutions for organization’s complex problems. This creates a whole new reality beyond time and space barriers.


In accordance, companies are profoundly searching virtual teams’ performance enhancement. Virtual work settings revolutionize the workplace by providing high level of responsiveness and flexibility.


Virtual work setting has also many issues and challenges which must be addressed in order to enhance the team’s performance. Hence one of the major challenges of modern work setting is virtual leadership.


“Leadership in the Next Normal” program is highly structured and simplified. Leaders and managers who have gone through this unique program testified that it has changed their approach to leading by remote and beyond.


It makes them much more effective and capable in the new virtual workplace, leading knowledge-age workers and millennials. They are far more successful at leading highly complex virtual teams that challenge the leadership style of yesterday.

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  • Leaders will grow as developers of people and teams in a virtual environment, employing contemporary sets of skills.

  • Leaders will learn to navigate virtual teams in a volatile, uncertain and complex environment, using exclusively designed leadership tools.

  • They will be able to craft and lead winning teams by remote.

  • They will use internal communication and management skills in an exceptional way.

  • They will learn how to use virtual meetings as an effective leadership platform.

  • Participants will create a work environment that feels cohesive across the entire organization.



Three 3.5-hour virtual interactive webinars with 2 to 5 working days interval in between.


This part involves the preparation and application activities before and after each webinar.


Please note that the program can also be run in fast mode to complete within 2 weeks in total.

The program is also available for in-house training.

Leadership in the next normal